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Long Sleeve Bamboo Crew Neck


These shirts are super incredibly soft, extremely light weight, and silky. Great fit, with a cut that’s really nice.  They are very "airy" and even "floppedy" (for lack of better words :) ... with a loose fit unless you go down a size (which is especially recommended for women buying these shirts). Perfectly unisex, fits either guys or girls well.  These shirts can be worn every day and are designed to move with you.  Built for running, climbing and work!  

Constructed overseas from 70% viscose from organic bamboo, 30% organic cotton.

From ONNO Shirts, out of Boulder, Colorado.  

Colors offered are black, white (which is not quite a pure white,  just FYI), espresso brown, dirty purple, charcoal blue (extremely dark blue), moss green, and sea blue

Type: Long Sleeve Shirts

Vendor: Onno

All items on are custom made at time of order and will be shipped within two weeks.

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